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CCRHP Reduces Single Use Plastics

CCRHP's plastic initiative tries to reduce single use plastic because

  • 91% of all plastic used is not recycled
  • All plastic ever created still exists on Earth
  • It is killing birds and fish and damaging our oceans and planet
  • Plastic contamination and the toxins leached from plastic lead to chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer

This song  was created to be shared in order to increase awareness and inspire change. We should also try to find alternatives to reduce single use plastic in our everyday lives like meetings, parties, travels and pretty much anywhere creativity allows us to. We need to reduce by bringing our own cutlery and cups made of materials like metal or  bamboo or edibles. We need to reuse setting an example and encouraging people to bring reusable water bottles. If using plastic is absolute necessary, use it more than once. After that, recycle, dispose of the materials appropriately. In Puerto Rico, only plastics  1 and 2 are recycled, take off the lids and labels, and wash them before disposing of them to make sure it gets a second life.

Single Use Plastic Reduction Handout (pdf)