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Marijulie Martínez Lozano (MPH, CPH, DrPH)


Dr. Martinez is a public health scientist with experience in biostatistics and epidemiology. She has a Doctoral degree in Epidemiology from Ponce Health Sciences University and a Master’s degree in Biostatistics from the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus. She is certified by the National Board of Public Health Examiners.

Martinez have been involved in multiple research projects of a variety of topics. At the CCRHP, she has worked on the data analysis of the Pregnancy and Early Lifestyle improvement Study (PEARLS), San Juan Overweight Adult Longitudinal Study (SOALS) and the Preparedness to Reduce Exposures and diseases Post-hurricanes & Augment Resilience project (PREPARE). More recently she has been working as the study coordinator in Puerto Rico Epidemiological evaluation and Prevention for COVID-19 and Influenza (PREPCOVI) which evaluate COVID-19 and risk/preventive factors such as vaccine distribution, and the pandemic’s economic and mental health impact.

Research Interest: Chronic diseases, Natural disasters preparedness, Infectious diseases, Maternal and Child Health