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San Juan Overweight Adult Longitudinal Study (SOALS)

About SOALS Project:

SOALS is an NIH funded ongoing Caribbean cohort study titled “San Juan Overweight Adults Longitudinal Study”. The study enrolled over 1,350 overweight/obese Hispanic adults. We have conducted comprehensive baseline and three year follow-up assessments including oral glucose tolerance tests, insulin measures and inflammatory markers, anthropometrics, full mouth dental exams, questionnaires including oral health practices, food frequency and medical history. Lab tests have been conducted for glucose, insulin, lipid profile, CRP, adiponectin and inflammatory cytokines, and we have also stored blood, saliva, plaque and gingival crevicular fluid specimens for future analyses. Follow-up exams achieved around 80% retention, and a few ancillary studies to SOALS are funded. SOALS was primarily funded to evaluate the bi-directional association between periodontitis, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. Data is also available to evaluate risk factors for progression of insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes, and high blood pressure/hypertension and dyslipidemia.